Following the great success of the 24th ASC Annual Technical Conference ( the First Joint US-Canada Conference on Composites) held at the University of Delaware in September 2009, the 26th ASC Annual Technical Conference (the Second Joint US-Canada Conference on Composites) will be held in Montreal September 26- 28, 2011. This marks the continuing effort in collaborative research between the two countries. This is jointly sponsored by the American Society for Composites (ASC) and the Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials (CACSMA).

The organizing committee has chosen the theme of the joint conference to be: “Composite Materials and Structures: The Way Forward” to show the importance of composites in the construction of innovative engineering structures such as aircraft structures, space structures, automobiles, wind turbines, sports equipment, bridges, etc. In particular it will reflect the state of the art in computational, analytical, and experimental methods and advanced engineering applications in emerging technology such as bioproducts, nanoscience and nanotechnology. The organizing committee is preparing for an exciting and informative conference program, including plenary lectures, symposia on a variety of topics, and poster presentations. A social program will also be organized so that participants will have opportunities to experience the unique aspects of French culture within the North American context.

Composite Materials and Structures: The Way Forward

Conference Organisers